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Discount Medical Equipment

Kim and Lance Mays

How did we get our start?

My husband Lance and I personally experienced the growing cost of health care and the financial stress it creates. We made it our goal to find a way to be a part of the solution. The result — DMEforLess.

What makes our products unique?

We’re providing you with the same medical braces & supports that are supplied to doctor’s offices and hospitals, for a fraction of the cost. In other words, we are making high-grade medical equipment available to all — for less! 

Why do we love what we do?

DMEforLess gives us the chance to work together every day and give back to our community. Donations made by DMEforless go to multiple National Children’s Charities: AMIKids, and Good Sports. These charities provide help, guidance, and sports equipment to underprivileged youth & sports.

Distributing Medical Equipment Nationwide

Years of Experience in the Health and Wellness Industry

When dealing with healthcare and medical needs, time is of the essence. No matter what kinds of medical supplies you require, you deserve efficient and affordable access to them. The husband-and-wife team at DMEforLess saw a vital need for increased access to medical supplies in the United States. That’s why they, along with their staff, used their combined 20 years of experience to sell and distribute top-quality medical equipment. We’re not a middleman that inflates prices so we can make a huge profit—rather, we eliminate almost every step between the customer and manufacturer. This way, you aren’t on the hook for marked-up prices. When you choose DMEforLess, you’ll find affordable products that never compromise quality.

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Our Approach to Distributing Home Medical Equipment

From the moment we opened for business, we’ve been committed to providing the highest quality medical devices at affordable rates. Whether you’re purchasing home medical equipment for a loved one or much-needed supplies for your practice, we can accommodate you. We have lasting partnerships with reputable manufacturers and sell nothing but the best products. You won’t find these specialty products at your average pharmacy or retailer! Our vast inventory includes the following items, among many others:

Get the Supplies You Need Quickly

We believe that medical equipment suppliers should be dedicated to providing fast, reliable support. Our team understands that patients and doctors need supplies quickly to address their immediate needs. As such, we remain committed to getting you equipment in a timely manner. We ship 24 hours a day, and in most cases, we can get your order out on the same day. If your need is especially urgent, be sure to read up on our priority shipping service options.

Affordability Is Key to Our Mission

It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare in the United States is astronomical. When you’re dealing with a severe injury or debilitating chronic pain, the last thing you should have to think about is how to save money. Fortunately, DMEforLess makes it easy to save on Braces, supports and more. Many suppliers would have you pay a premium for subpar products, but not DMEforLess. At our medical equipment store, you won’t be subject to increased prices and additional fees from middlemen. Instead, we use our network of contacts within the medical industry to get you the products you need in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We Never Compromise on Quality

Although we’re known for low prices and quick turnaround times, that doesn’t mean you’ll receive low-quality products. We know the vital importance of top-notch medical equipment, so we only sell the best products on the market. Your health is our priority, and we believe it’s our job to provide nothing but the best medical equipment to patients and doctors’ offices. Our team would be happy to make recommendations for the top brands based on your unique needs.

We Ship from Warehouses Across the Nation

At DMEforLess, we know the importance of far-reaching services. Durable medical equipment is needed even in remote corners of the United States, and those people deserve easy access just as much as city dwellers. Fortunately, our company is happy to ship nearly anywhere in the country, including Puerto Rico. Many competing businesses have trouble shipping to the island, but we’re dedicated to making our products available to as many people as possible.

Reach Out to Our Team Today

If you’re looking for top-quality medical equipment without the major corporation prices, look no further than DMEforLess. Our name is exactly what it suggests—the best products and discounted rates. We’re family-owned, and we believe each customer deserves to be treated like family. You can count on us whether you need medical equipment for yourself or a loved one. With decades of combined experience, we can point you to the best brands in the industry and make sure you get the most value for your purchase. Do you have questions about our mission or process? Feel free to contact us, and a member of our friendly team will address your concerns.

Warehouses across the USA dedicated to

Committed to delivering your products fast.

shipping locations

Feel Better

We believe in recovery made simple

When you’re faced with a period of rehabilitation and recovery it can be all too easy to think that any off-the-shelf or over-the-counter approach will work, but that’s not what we’ve found.

Our approach has always been to provide the highest quality medical equipment at a price that anyone can readily afford. It’s why we’ve partnered with skilled manufacturers and sourced nothing but the best, medical grade products from the day we opened our doors for business. They’re made from specialist materials you simply won’t find in your average pharmacy or retailer.

It’s why when you trust us with your recovery, you’ll Feel Better before you know it.


We provide support that makes a difference

We understand that an injury or longterm condition can have a huge impact on your life, which is why we work to ensure you never have to wait for the help and support you deserve.

Every member of our team is committed to being Faster so you can get moving again with a little help from the premium quality products that make the world of difference. With strategic warehouses set up right across the nation, we can ship your order within 24 hours (often the same day), Monday-Friday, and even offer a range of express overnight options for you.

Just what you want to hear when you need fast relief and the support that makes all the difference.

for less

We know that money shouldn’t compromise your health

When you’re faced with constant discomfort or a debilitating injury the last thing you want to have think about is money; but the truth is: healthcare is expensive.

But just because other places you’ve visited seem to be charging a premium for braces and supports doesn’t mean you should have to go without. In fact, our simple, back-to-basics approach ensures you get what you need For Less and with nothing more than the click of a button. We even cut out the middlemen and leverage our network of contacts within the medical industry to ensure you get the support you deserve at a fair price.

It’s how we get you everything you need For Less, without ever sacrificing quality.

Product questions?
let us help.

We are at your service

With so much choice out there when it comes to medical braces and supports it can feel impossible to find exactly what you need.

As a company that’s worked in the industry for decades, we understand just how important these choices are when you want to improve your quality of life. It’s why we’re always available to listen and to get to know your needs as if they were our own. Only then can you find exactly what you need to enjoy life again.

No matter what you need to know, all you have to do is ask.

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