Ankle Wrap with Cold Therapy – DMEforLess Ankle Wrap with Cold Therapy

Ankle Wrap with Cold Therapy

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DELIVERS TARGETED RELIEF – Reduce swelling from minor injuries with our ankle ice pack wrap. It provides cold compression to the whole foot and ankle for the effective relief of acute pain.

STAYS COLDER FOR LONGER – This ice wrap is filled with natural spring water. That means it freezes in as fast as 30 minutes and will remain consistently cold longer. Enjoy efficient icing therapy.

QUICK RECOVERY TIME – This foot ice pack provides effective cryotherapy by deeply penetrating the muscles and joints. It helps facilitate recovery so you can go back to the gym faster.

COMFORTABLE FIT – Our 1-size-fits-most ankle ice wrap is made of a soft and breathable material that helps with temperature regulation. It has Velcro closures that can be adjusted as desired.

EASY TO WEAR – Position the ankle wrap below your foot, then insert your heel inside the open hole in the middle. Place the ice pack over the target area, then secure the Velcro closures.

The DMEforless Ankle Wrap provides cold therapy that helps you get back on your feet faster!

Our iced ankle wrap simultaneously offers the I and C of RICE treatment, making it a highly efficient recovery aid. It can address a wide variety of foot and ankle-related ailments, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, heel spurs, and sprains. A removable ice pack means you can use it in any way you need it.

Are you an athlete or frequently at the gym? With this ankle wrap, you can give your muscles a much deserved break after a sports game or workout. Incorporate this cold treatment into your post-workout routine and cut down the time it takes to return to the gym, court, or field.

For best results, apply this ice therapy to the affected area up to 48 hours after the injury. Use up to 20 minutes per session. It’s made of a high-quality material that’s durable enough to be used countless times.

Are you prone to hurting your ankles?

Ankle injuries are very common and can happen to just about anyone. One slip on a slippery surface or a wrong step off a curb can cause a sprain, which takes weeks to heal and can be quite painful.

As a very active individual, you have had a few wrong landings while walking or running in the past. Because our ankles are very hardworking joints, you want to be ready just in case you have to deal with a minor injury again.

Here are additional reasons to love this ankle wrap:

✅ Lightweight and transportable

✅ Reusable ice pack with no messy leaks

✅ Easy to clean

✅ Refreezes quickly between uses

✅ Great gift for active people

Optimize the way you take care of your ankles and feet!

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1 review for Ankle Wrap with Cold Therapy

  1. Mary S

    What a saving grace this ankle cooler has been! When healing from my ankle fracture my doctor told me to prop up my foot and put ice on it to reduce my swelling. At first, I was just putting ice in a baggy and trying to balance it on my ankle but it was slipping around. I was tired of fussing with it. This wrap fits nicely around the ankle and stays put when my foot is propped up. – Mary S

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