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Beginner Night Splint

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LESS PAIN & DISCOMFORT – This Beginner Night Splint helps provide much-needed relief from painful plantar fasciitis symptoms. Wake up the next day feeling better and ready to tackle the day.

GENTLY EXTENDS YOUR FOOT – By keeping your foot stretched while you sleep, this splint can help eliminate stress and pain on the calf and soft tissue of your foot.

SLEEP IN ANY POSITION – Unlike other braces that restrict movement, this plantar fasciitis brace has an open heel design that allows you to comfortably sleep on your back, stomach, or side.

PERFECT BEGINNER SPLINT – New to night-time foot bracing? Unlike other foot braces that bend further than 90 degrees, this Beginner Night Splint applies pressure without causing pain or discomfort.

UNIVERSAL DESIGN – One size fits both the right and left foot.

LIFETIME PRODUCT GUARANTEE – This Beginner Night Splint is backed by the strongest guarantee possible. Either you love it or you get a full refund. Should your brace need to be replaced prior to the end of your treatment, please contact us.

HSA & FSA Eligible


More information about this splint:

The DMEforLess Beginner Night Splint is all about helping you manage pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis, and Achilles tendinitis, especially while you sleep. It also helps provide much-needed relief from discomfort caused by heel pain and calf muscle cramps.

The foot brace is soft, lightweight, and breathable so you can wear it for hours without feeling restricted. The open toe and adjustable forefoot design also adds comfort and flexibility to the brace.

This brace also works great if you are nursing a foot injury. It helps keep your foot fixed in a secure position to speed up healing.

How Does a Plantar Fasciitis Splint Work?

There’s a reason that both rest and stretching are two of the most common conservative recommendations for plantar fasciitis. Stretching helps lengthen and strengthen the ligaments and tissues in the feet, which helps break up painful adhesions, take some of the pressure off painful heel spurs, and promote blood flow to the injured area. Rest allows the injury to heal without extra strain, new traumas, or complications.

A plantar fasciitis night splint helps combine these two effective conservative treatment methods–keeping your foot or feet gently flexed in a stretch while you sleep. Since morning pain is largely the result of a tight, damaged plantar fascia ligament trying to adjust to the rigors of walking after a night of inactivity, a night splint helps smooth the transition from night to day, without the the stabbing pain of those first few steps.

Do Night Splints Work for Plantar Fasciitis?

Several key studies show that wearing a night splint “significantly improves” symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Night splints are especially effective when used as part of a day/night treatment method, tag-teaming the nighttime stretch with the use of orthotic inserts, stretching, and icing during the day. This approach helps keep the arch supported and cushioned while walking or moving about, reduces inflammation that may prologue healing time, and extends the power of conservative treatment into the nighttime hours.

See this video on how to put on this brace:

See this video on how to put on this brace:

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7 reviews for Beginner Night Splint

  1. Guy

    I have been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for over a year and this night splint is helping tremendously, especially since the pain is worst in the mornings. As soon as you strap it on you feel immediate relief because the splint bends your foot to give you the necessary arch. Highly recommended!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review and photos of this product. I hope it has been helpful in providing you with more information. – Guy

  2. Alissa

    The same brace my podiatrist wanted to charge me $200 for. This is such a great deal and well made. I like the extra padding and cushioning that keeps me comfortable and the plastic is not touching my skin.

  3. Linda

    This splint was offered to me by the doctor and paid by insurance for twice the price. I got it here for a better value.

  4. Coco

    I’ve been on the hunt for the least cumbersome device one can use for a splint to keep the electrifying pain of plantar fasciitis down to a minimum when I first step out of bed in the morning and this one is one of the more comfortable ones I’ve tried.

    One of the complaints I had with another type of this splint is the metal spine that keeps your feet at a 90 degree angle. This one forgoes that metal spine and replaces it with a hard plastic that has a lot of padding and an extra gel pad underneath to keep the top of your foot comfortable throughout the night.

    The brunt of the pressure is actually placed near your toes and your shin so thankfully the strap that goes around the top portion of your foot and your shin is very soft and wide to spread the load of the pressure evenly.

    Even with the wide strap, pressure points does tend to occur around your toes or your pinky toes and it takes a couple of days to get used to it. You can also just loosen it a bit to stop it from strangling your toes.

    I wore a low cut plantar fasciitis sock with open toes and this combo helped with the pain so much. I couldn’t be happier! well until I stubbed my other food on my kids legos

    Well anyway as for this product, definitely recommended for those searching for the least cumbersome splint to keep your foot at 90 degrees. Although, if you need something with less angle, this will not be it because the angle of the splint it not adjustable. – Coco

  5. Pat

    I’ve been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis for the past several months. I’ve been quite desperate for some relief, and decided to see if this splint might just be my answer.

    My feet are a size 10 in women’s, and the S/M size is suitable up to that size. The bottom of the splint has an elastic area to insert your toes, and velcro straps to help hold your foot in place. The plastic top is curved to work with the natural shape of your leg, and a wide velcro strap keeps everything lined up. The splint prevents your toes from pointing downward, providing a good stretch.

    Though the splint does fit, I find it very hard to get comfortable. On top of struggling with Plantar Fasciitis,
    I have pain in other areas of my feet. The toe area puts a lot of pressure on the metatarsal pad of my foot, which causes discomfort after a period of time. Additionally, I noticed my toes experiencing a tinging/numb sensation after about 30 minutes. I’ve tried readjusting and loosening the velcro straps, but I haven’t found anything that works for longer periods of time. I can handle wearing it for maybe two hours, but I can’t imagine trying to wear it through the night.

    Since using it at the end of my workday before bed, I have noticed I’m not experiencing the same level of pain in the morning. Though this is a huge plus for my Plantar Fasciitis, it comes at the cost of the discomfort I experience in the ball of my foot while wearing it. I think it’s likely a great option for someone who’s only struggling with the pain that comes with Plantar Fasciitis, and not pain in other areas of the foot.

    – Can be worn on either foot
    – Does help with Plantar Fasciitis discomfort
    – Widely adjustable and easy to use
    – Gel pad provides extra comfort to top of foot
    – Affordable

    – Causes discomfort if other areas of foot are sore


  6. Rebecca

    I have been battling plantar fasciitis for months now, and find the best plan of attack is using a variety of techniques. First are visits to the physical therapist followed by home stretching exercises. Next, I have foot rollers of various kinds and a shiatsu foot massager. Newly added to my weapons is this foot brace, and I can attest that even though I can’t use it for very long, it has made a big difference.
    The brace I ordered is too small. They accounted for shoe size, but didn’t account for a larger calf so the brace cannot be easily fastened shut. I wear it for an hour in the evening while watching TV and after an hour my little toes get numb so I take it off. But the great thing is that when I stand up at that point, there is hardly any pain. This is huge, as any of you who suffer from this pain know what it is like to stand up after the foot has been elevated. – Rebecca

  7. Hugo

    So happy to finally find a sleeping splint that works for me, a back sleeper!

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