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Cold & Compression Therapy Ankle Wrap

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EFFECTIVE THERAPY FOR PAIN AND SWELLING RELIEF: This Cold Compression Ankle Wrap is designed to support the AAOS recommendations of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) by combining cold therapy with the benefits of compression therapy. Providing optimal results for pain and swelling relief.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF COLD THERAPY? Benefits include decreasing pain without the use of narcotics, reduction in swelling and inflammation. The cold gel packs are effective for managing pain associated with ankle sprains, arthritis, swelling, fractures, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries, ligament pulls, sore feet & more.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF COMPRESSION? Compression therapy aides in reducing swelling and inflammation, preventing additional swelling and blood loss to the injured area.

INTENDED USE: As a part of a home therapy, physical therapy or athletic training program for ankle sprains, strains, fractures. arthritis, swelling, muscle spasms, minor joint pain, post-op surgery and anything in between.

HOW TO USE:  Place you ankle gel pack in the freezer for 1 hour prior to application.  Then place the gel pack into your ankle wrap.  Because the gel pack is very cold, it is advised that you wear a sock in between the gel pack and your skin.  To initiate the compression, squeeze the built in hand pump to increase, decrease and lock in the level of compression you desire.  

PUNCTURE RESISTANT – Designed with durable, medical grade materials to last!

UNIVERSAL SIZING – Fits the right or left ankle.

When cold therapy and compression is combined, the result is faster healing and pain relief than when these methods are used alone.  Alleviating your discomfort and promoting better circulation.  The DMEforLess Cold and Compression Ankle wrap combines both methods in one simple to use product.

Customize and target your compression therapy with this ankle wraps built in air pump.  You can adjust the amount of compression by simply inflating or deflating with the pump as needed. Aiding you in preventing additional swelling.

This versatile design can be worn on the left or right foot.


Universal sizing. One size fits most and can be worn on the right or left foot.

Manage foot injuries without dealing with the messy leaks and bulk of an old fashioned ice pack.

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3 reviews for Cold & Compression Therapy Ankle Wrap

  1. Harper

    I wear this when I am relaxing and have my foot resting on a pillow. Very nice way to deal with my swelling. – Harper

  2. Nancy

    It feel great on my ankle but you cannot wear it with shoes. – Nancy

  3. Rachel

    I like this brace so much. It helps so much with numbing my ankle pain! – Rachel

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Do I Need an Ankle Brace?

Thousands of people use ankle braces for preventing ankle injuries, treating chronic ankle pain, and even recovering from ankle injuries. The ankle brace is an essential piece to recovery and protection. They can give you support and protection from all types of injuries and ailments, including:

  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains
  • Inflammation
  • Ankle pain
  • Arthritis

We have a wide variety of ankle braces to choose from, ranging from preventative support to recovery support boots after suffering an injury. Ankle braces aren’t just for athletes on the basketball court. Many people use ankle braces to provide support to people of all ages and lifestyles. While our ligaments, muscles, and tendons are designed to keep our ankles safe, accidents and injuries can still happen. Browse our selection of online ankle braces. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re happy to help you find the right ankle brace that works for you.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Ankle Brace

The right ankle brace should be as comfortable as it is supportive. A poor fit or material that doesn’t feel comfortable to you can impede your range of movement and cause more issues. There are three aspects to consider when purchasing an ankle brace. They include:

Proper Fit

Our ankle braces are typically sized based on your shoe size and ankle circumference. This also takes into account the tightness of your brace. Finding the right adjustment is key to enjoying a comfortable experience. Make sure to view the sizing chart on each brace to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Plastic VS Knit Fabric

Material plays an important part in the comfort of your ankle brace. Plastic is a durable material that provides strong support and heat insulation for supreme protection. However, it does not breathe well. If you plan on exercising for long durations or in hot weather, it may be uncomfortable and hot. Knit fabric, such as ballistic nylon materials breathe easier, allowing you to stay cool.


There are many different types of ankle braces we offer. They all function differently and provide different types of support and insulation. Make sure you consider all aspects before purchasing your ankle brace. Our style varieties include:

  • Ankle Sleeves
  • Ankle Supports with Straps
  • Lace-Up Ankle Braces
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