LSO Back Brace for Acute & Chronic Back Pain

LSO Back Brace for Acute & Chronic Back Pain

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Back Brace for acute & chronic back pain relief. Perfect for mid & lower lumbar back pain, Herniated Disc, Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis

Click here to view the LSO Back Brace video for more in-depth information & a product demonstration.

Doctor Recommended, Medical-Grade Materials, FDA Approved, FSA & HSA Eligible – Professional grade back pain brace. Genuine PDAC approval under L0650, L0637, L0648, L0631, L0642, L0627. Ordering here you receive the same medical grade, orthopedic back brace at a fraction of the cost a medical practice charges.

Modular Lumbar Brace to Fully Meet Your Back Pain Needs – A totally adjustable back brace that evolves with your condition by stage. Included with your brace is a detachable, contoured, rigid 16″ cushioned panel for T9-S1 stabilization, a 11″ rigid, contoured & cushioned low back panel for L1-S1 support & 2 removeable rigid abdominal support pads for both sides of your waist. The built in waist bands can be changed to fit from a 23″ – 50″ waist.

Improved & Easy to Adjust Dual Pull Tabs for Targeted Back Pain Relief – The dual power pulley system adjust on this lumbar back brace to provide smooth compression & decompression on the spinal region. Providing tailored back pressure relief specific to needs of both men & women. Built in finger loops make this brace easy to adjust, even for seniors, those with limited upper body strength or trouble gripping. Whether you suffer from; sciatica pain, herniated disc, Degenerative or Bulging disc, slipped disc, DDD, Spine Stenosis, or spinal fractures this brace can help.

Technologically Advanced Materials – Made with hi-tech materials, such as a specialty air-flow fabric to keep you cool. Pulling sweat away from your skin to keep you dry & avoid irritation. Durable for the stabilization you need without the added weight of some back braces. A perfect back pain brace to use while lifting heavy items, working a job with repetitive movements, keeping proper posture or activities such as golfing.

DMEforLess is an American medical company- We provide the same medical braces & supports that doctors & hospitals do, for a fraction of the cost. Making these products more accessible to us all. Our products are medically approved devices, FSA & HSA Eligible.

This back pain brace can be resized allowing for a custom fit that goes from waist size of 23 to 50 inches.  There is a larger option that fits up to a 66″ waist.  Please click on the link below to be directed to this product.

Plus Size Back in Shape Brace

Universal Back fits 23″ – 50″ waist

Click the link below to see our plus size ‘Back in Shape’ brace that fits up to a 66″ waist.

Plus Size ‘Back in Shape’ Brace


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31 reviews for LSO Back Brace for Acute & Chronic Back Pain

  1. Willie

    This belt worked *instantly* for my pain, and I’m very happy about that. However, it is good for short-term pain relief only, since I can’t wear it 24-7… but it DOES WORK wonders while its on. I recommend using it until you have a chance to see a doctor or chiropractor for more permanent relief. This product is very well built of sturdy materials.

  2. Joseph

    I have worn this brace at home for a few days as I watch Tv or enjoy reading a book. My back tends to slouch when I am in a sitting position, so this brace helps my posture and keeps my back from aching. The materials are certainly going to last for a long time, so just one of these is needed for a long while.

  3. Raymond

    Great relief for back support while recovering from severe back strain and between PT .
    Especially great in supporting back while gardening or vacuuming. Once out of constant pain crisis, good to continue PT exercises to strengthen muscle that support your back and wean from brace. However still good support tool during back straining chores.

  4. Kimberly

    I’ve been experiencing major back pain due to the new job I got last year working for a Dialysis company. I didn’t think I’d get to the point where I would need a back brace. But I sure did.!! And I’m so glad I did. This back brace did wonders for my back. Took the pain away the moment I put it on for work. I use it at home to do house work as well. I’m very satisfied with this product and so is my back. If u need a back brace .. look no further. This is the one you need!!

  5. Kimberly

    I love this thing. I put it on the minute I got it and I actually am standing a little bit straighter and my back pain is slowly going away! And it’s easily concealed beneath shirts!

  6. Jason

    Sometimes I get lower back pain. Getting old sucks. The last time it happened was when I was unloading the dishes, so I’ve told my wife that dishes cause injuries and I should avoid them at all costs. I don’t think she believed me though. I bought this based on all the great reviews. I’m glad to report that they were right on. Fairly easy to put on and is quite supportive without being overly restrictive. Sitting for prolonged periods of time is a bit uncomfortable because they material will dig into your sides, but other than that, it’s a great product.

  7. PJ

    It takes me a while to set up. After finish adjusting, the brace does give a great job for back support. Much more comfortable than the other product I used before. Bute it kind of bulky.

  8. Pat

    I have tried many different back supports from quite a few different companies. My favorite has been one from a doctor himself however it’s at that 300+ dollar range. This unit comes in at a close second with a lot of the same features as the higher price unit. This one offers a nice amount of support with lots of adjustabilities to fit different sizes. I also like that the larger back support can come off if you desire, which I do most the time. It’s amazing what a difference wearing a back brace like this does make when lifting heavier items. I do find it harder to bend or sit with this brace on, but again that’s the point of this…too stiffen those areas up and give them more support. This in return takes away some of that flexibility. Highly recommended for anyone with back problems. Give this unit a try.

  9. Diane

    This brace is comfortable to wear and gives the support I need after I injured my lower back. Easy to follow instructions and it arrived quickly.

  10. Todd

    Easy to wear, take off and put on. Perfect!

  11. Valerie

    This back brace is the real deal and medical device grade. I’ve seen a lot of cheap back braces that are basically an elastic strap or that have a tiny support bit and the only adjustments are the velcro straps. This back brace by LSO provides real support and you can adjust how stiff the support is. From light to absolutely rigid. When I have lower back pain, this brace keeps me from the sharp pain from twisting and turning.

  12. Jo

    My husband has had back problems off and on for years. They flare up from time to time and even standing in front of a sink is problematic. He shifts his body and moves his feet back in an effort to find a comfortable spot. First off, the instructions (a single sheet of paper) are a bit vague, however the video on the seller’s page is quite good. That being said, he’s got the brace on and finds that it’s really helping.

    The beauty of a brace like this is that it can fit several sizes. I adjusted the panels for a medium. I helped him put the brace on and instead of adding compression immediately, I let him wear it for a bit. Once he had adjusted to actually having a brace on, we tightened the compression straps. He claims that even sitting in a chair is much easier with this brace.

    As far as the quality goes, it’s excellent. There was no corner cutting on materials and, in spite of the directions, works perfectly. If this brace was suggested to him and we had to purchase It in a medical store, the cost would be prohibitive. At around $80, the price is reasonable. My husband has physical therapy weekly, but before purchase I’d run it by a healthcare practitioner.

  13. Curtis

    At first, I thought the brace would be awkward to wear at work, too bulky and obvious, but after wearing it at home for a few days to adjust to it, wearing it at work was no problem. it really makes a difference with how long I can last each day. I love it.

  14. Donna

    I love it. I thought the brace would be awkward to wear at work, but after wearing it at home for a few days, at work was no problem. it really makes a difference with how long I can last each day.

  15. Saul

    I wore this while doing some lawn work and it definitely reduced the back soreness I usually feel. The belt was secure and didn’t loosen too much after bending/turning.

  16. Irena

    Adjustable and Effective for Lower Back Support. This back brace is unique in that it not only provides support for the lumbar region, but even provides a little support to the lower thoracic region. Another unique feature is that this brace has two pulleys that you can tighten after you wrap the brace around your waist and connect the Velcro. These two pulleys add compression and addition support to your back. My back is well supported wearing this brace.

  17. Andrew

    I’ve tried many back braces, and this ones structure and support is second to none!!! This is by far the best back brace i have ever used!! Buy it with confidence your back will thank you!!

  18. Isaiah

    I have worn this brace at home for a few days as I watch Tv or enjoy reading a book. I do not wear it outdoors as I only need the support when sitting up. My back tends to slouch when I am in a sitting position, so this brace helps my posture and keeps my back from aching. It would be good for everyday use too for those that need it. The materials are certainly going to last for a long time, so just one of these is needed for a long while.

  19. James

    Comes with storage back definitely helps with posture and back pain, great for lber support has a Corset, !!!! updated this thing is amazing i have been in pain one and leaning to the left side this is amazing it straighten up my posture.

  20. Li Su

    This back brace is heavy-duty which exceeds my expectation. Before this one, I’ve had some back support belts that have several vertical steel beams/pins around the back for support. They are not very comfortable to wear. This brace has one piece of board in the shape of my back which puts uniform force to the back. As such, it makes wearing it much more comfortable for a long period of time than other back support belts I had. I love it and recommend it.

  21. Nancy

    Once I was able to figure it out by reviewing the video, it seems to be a well made and well thought out piece of equipment. I personally like it without the back panel, but I am a short person so this may be part of the reason I felt it was uncomfortable. It does give really good back support.

  22. Peter

    I am a big guy and let me tell you this brace does the trick. Any big person will tell you we have trouble with braces no matter where they go. Super comfortable and I enjoy wearing it. It nice to see our size is made and it doesn’t break the bank. I would definitely recommend this. It really helped my sciatica and lower back pain.

  23. Rick

    This back brace is comfortable and easy to adjust to the right fit. It includes instructions if you need it for adjusting in the beginning, but it’s pretty simple to use. I’ve been having a lot of lower back pain lately and a brace like this is helpful to relieve the pain very quickly. It’s a good quality brace, well made and something I would recommend to others.

  24. Diane

    I’ve had progressively worse back pain after having kids. Some days it’s just so hard to bend down and lift them up. The sharp twinge just stays all day. I was hoping to find something to help alleviate the pain for a few hours a day. This is really big and complicated, not something that I find easy to wear and still live normally. It works well, but it’s a hassle and is bigger than I’d like. Not the products fault, it is as advertised and pictured, just doesn’t fit my needs.

  25. Happy Customer

    At first, I thought the brace would be awkward to wear at work, too bulky and obvious, but after wearing it at home for a few days to adjust to it, wearing it at work was no problem. it really makes a difference with how long I can last each day. I love it. – Happy Customer

  26. Sherri

    Great support, easy to fit.
    Perfect for post op. Support.
    Easy to wear, take off and put on. Fantastic – Sherri

  27. Pete

    The description says that it is easy to use, and it is. It’s as simple as any other back brace out there and the sellers are not misleading. If they had said “It’s easy to set up”, I could take that as slightly misleading.

    Mine brace had no instructions included and, why would it. It’s really a simple product. But it wasn’t simple as it happens. The good news is if you bookmark this page, it will have all the info you need to set it up, just watch the video and look at some of the pictures. So, it did take me about 20 minutes to get it right, compared to the almost immediate setup of some of my other braces, but once it’s set up for you, it’s just like any other brace. Warp it around your waist, lock it into place with the Velcro tabs, pull on the trusses until you feel comfortable, and stick them on the Velcro. Easy peasy.

    This brace can get really tight and it’s still comfortable. It also has a much higher back (removable if you don’t need it, than other braces I have used. I have had 3 vertebrae removed from my neck, I have spondylosis, spondylitis, and 4 herniated discs and that’s just the start, so I’m always looking for better products and I would say that, despite a few issues, this has been the best I have tried so far.

    The issues (I wouldn’t call them complaints, I’d say more like “the next time make this change” type of issues) are mostly related to its size. I travel a lot (one reason I think my back is so bad) and I’d love it if this were about 25% smaller and easier to carry. The size also makes it hard to wear under clothing; it’s very noticeable and if it’s noticeable I’d rather just wear it outside of my clothing.

    And, I’m not sure if they forgot to add instructions but, if that’s the case, please add instructions.

  28. MC

    I noticed in instructions they had us cut to fit, why?
    There is no need to cut to fit, just fold over in same manner as it was shipped to you to adjust so that item can be adjusted for other members of the family or passed onto friends with back issues.
    Cutting it limits the sizes it can accommodate and since you do not notice the extra folded in back, why cut it?
    I had some softer and narrower support devices that just would not cut it, would fold over in front or move around while using it even for short period of time, so far this support has not done that to me. Will use this support for when I am active and having to move objects and the softer supports when sleeping.
    As when that back acts up even laying down is a chore. This is no good for laying down, too hard to roll or move in a bed, so will use when active. Doesn’t work well to sit down either in easy chair anyhow, more upright, if I could sit in that fashion may work for others. My entire L series is shot, 8/10 joints pinch nerves, so there are many times a device like this is needed, just wish I remember to wear it when I find myself lifting something i shouldn’t, that is when you find out you should have worn it and too late… Be safe people..
    Again, this is better than softer supports, supports with narrow inserts, this offers much more protection.

  29. Fawn

    Well, this, Back Brace for Lower Back Pain | Back in Shape Adjustable Back Brace for Women and Men … is amazing!

    It comes in a black, nylon, drawstring backpack to carry hither and yon. Or is it hither and dale? Chip and Yon? Well, it is a doozy! I mean that in a great way. I Jumped at the look and description of this after a few weeks of searching for a back brace. I hit the jackpot! It is size-adjustable, in a great way, has a sturdy back panel and two side panels that all velcro in and out as desired, has pull cords to fit you perfectly with or without the sturdy attachments, and ends up being exactly made for you!

    Now, when I opened the package, I was gobsmacked. It was huge! It was heavy! It was…for someone who fell out of a helicopter from, oh, about 1/2 a mile up in the sky and landed on my neighbor’s “collection” of neato trucks. I panted a little. I sat on the bed and panted some more. I put it on and figured it all out and thought, “Well, the next time I get thrown under the bus for no reason, I know what I can wear.” I took a gander at myself from the side and IMMEDIATELY ripped it off and looked around to make sure the 5 cats, none are mine, saw me. The shame, the shame. Then, I saw it had possibilities because I accidentally velcroed something to the wrong place and found that the whole, sturdy, back plate came off! And looking for more, finding two side supports that also velcroed on and off! YAY! Then I put it back on and looked from the from=nt and the sides, really just my good side, we all have one, what’s yours? Write in the comments below! Oh, sorry, the wrong platform to support that. But as for a support, well, this is great!

    I would at least call this at least a four-in-one support apparatus or device that is well-made, nice-looking, sturdy, versatile, supportive, and travel-worthy! I must say, however, this is not a soft, simple contraption at all and is probably best suited for serious injuries or pain etc. MY Physical therapist says a back brace for me — I have about 8 major issues I am seen for just for my back alone, another bunch for hip, leg, and then there are the 10 issues with my OT, well…anyway, Papi, I call my PT Papi, for no apparent reason, says I should not use one. They all say that everywhere I go. Not just for me but in general. Please check with your doctor and or Physiotherapists before making any decisions. These are not medical devices but supportive aids that may or may not help. Just like an air freshener in a house with 5 cats that are not yours. Yikes!

    Check with your healthcare team to see what they recommend first. You want to get and feel better or stay well, not injure yourself or use the wrong back brace as Cathy did at that party when she tried to use one to wear like a black corset with her early 1900’s garb. Well, don’t get ahead of yourself without guidance. I will be using mine without the 3 velcroed, stiff supports, and only for some lawn work, which kills me. It’s not my yard…

    I recommend checking with your healthcare team, as I saun, and if they agree, this is awesome!

  30. Brandon

    Great when you have to do a lot of “bending” and “stooping over” type of work. I have to weed my rock garden often, and constantly needing to clean out the in-ground pool (which I hate having to get on my knees on pebblestones to do) with this back brace on I do not have the “aching lower back pain” anymore.

  31. Jessica

    No back brace is easy to put on or totally comfortable. I only wear when doing heavy cleaning, lifting ,etc. Not really a pain “reliever” but definitely a pain preventer. I do not wear for everyday use but only for limited time when doing anything that may strain my lower back.

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