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Night Splint for Foot Pain Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

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ALLEVIATE FOOT PAIN – Designed to hold your foot at a 90 degree angle to provide you with a therapeutic stretch that helps alleviate foot and heal pain. Podiatrist commonly prescribe this brace to treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, foot drop and post-surgery to prevent contracture of the tendon.

ULTRA SOFT PADDED LINING – Cushioned by breathable foam padding and lined with an ultra plush material for optimal comfort. These materials are hand washable to eliminate skin irritation.

FREE STRETCHING WEDGE – An optional foam stretching wedge is provided with your brace. This wedge is designed to be used for enhanced dorsiflexion and customized pain relief. Remove the wedge entirely for more neutral foot positioning.

ADJUST TO YOUR BEST FIT – Built with three cushioned, adjustable straps that keep you comfortable and your foot secure while you sleep. This brace fits men’s and women’s left or right foot, with or without a sock.

HIGHEST QUALITY – This is the exact brace many USA doctors prescribe at a fraction of the cost they charge.

LIFETIME PRODUCT GUARANTEE – This Night Splint is backed with the strongest guarantee possible so you can buy with confidence! Either you love it or you get a full refund. Should your brace need to be replaced prior to the end of your treatment, please contact us.

HSA and FSA Eligible 


Treat foot and heel pain while you sleep with the DMEforLess Cushioned 90 Degree Night Splint. Designed to treat foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs and drop foot. This brace cradles your foot in a calf in an ultra plush, cushioned environment and gently stretched your plantar fascia and Achilles tendon during sleep. Helping to reduce muscle contractions, inflammation and pain from you foot and calf. This is the exact brace many USA doctors prescribe at a fraction of the price they charge.

At DMEforLess, braces are our specialty. We have 25 Years experience selling products to the largest medical practices in the USA. Now we are offering these same braces to you at a fraction of the cost. All while taking extra special care of our customers. You can now have access to the highest quality braces, the best prices and 5 star service through DMEforLess.


How Does a Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Work?

There’s a reason that both rest and stretching are two of the most common conservative recommendations for plantar fasciitis. Stretching helps lengthen and strengthen the ligaments and tissues in the feet, which helps break up painful adhesions, take some of the pressure off painful heel spurs, and promote blood flow to the injured area. Rest allows the injury to heal without extra strain, new traumas, or complications.

A plantar fasciitis night splint helps combine these two effective conservative treatment methods–keeping your foot or feet gently flexed in a stretch while you sleep. Since morning pain is largely the result of a tight, damaged plantar fascia ligament trying to adjust to the rigors of walking after a night of inactivity, a night splint helps smooth the transition from night to day, without the the stabbing pain of those first few steps.

Do Night Splints Work for Plantar Fasciitis?

Several key studies show that wearing a night splint “significantly improves” symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Night splints are especially effective when used as part of a day/night treatment method, tag-teaming the nighttime stretch with the use of orthotic inserts, stretching, and icing during the day. This approach helps keep the arch supported and cushioned while walking or moving about, reduces inflammation that may prologue healing time, and extends the power of conservative treatment into the nighttime hours.

Benefits of Using a Plantar Fasciitis Splint

The most significant benefit for most people who use a night splint is significantly improving morning pain, or the painful stabbing sensation to the heels with the first few steps in the morning. Wearing a night splint to keep the foot and arch stretched keeps the plantar fascia ligament from contracting and becoming less flexible (and more vulnerable to pain) in the morning.

Wearing a plantar fasciitis night splint can also improve your heel pain in the following ways:

  • Improving circulation and blood flow while you sleep, which can help break up adhesions and scar tissue
  • Speed up the healing process by allowing you to treat your heel pain while you sleep

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6 reviews for Night Splint for Foot Pain Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Tom

    Comfortable fit “boot” that immobilizes your foot for bedtime – keeps the foot from moving. It’s designed with velcro closures for ease of use. Your foot/ankle stays put. Of course, it’s very difficult to walk, so it’s strictly for stationary use. – Tom

  2. Lisa B.

    It’s light, comfortable and holds the perfect foot angle to make a difference without cutting circulation. – Lisa B

  3. Jen

    It works! I have worn this for 4 nights and feel a big difference in my plantar fasciitis. – Jen

  4. Fern

    Does the same job as a hard night splint but more comfortable. Not as comfortable as sleeping with no splint, but as good as it gets. Plus, I am pain free in the morning. – Fern

  5. David

    Relieves my morning foot pain and I don’t have to get a shot! I have tried many night splints, this by far is the best. – David

  6. Dr. Paul

    My wife severely broke her foot last year, forcing her to be down for 4+ months and on a knee cart for 7+ total. To that end, she ended up with Plantar Fasciitis in the other foot and has been dealing with pain and discomfort since. We have tried other splints, but they were only doing so much – not giving her support she needed nor a stretch that was helping. So when I had the change, I grabbed this Cushioned Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint to see if it would help end this issue. NOTE: She has only had it for one night, so I will have to come back to update down the road. We found with the others that what started out as helping did not end up – in those cases, within a month she knew it was not what she needed and we believe every situation is unique. They were good, but again, not what she needed.

    As of right now, she is pleased. This Cushioned Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint is highly cushioned. In fact, I was blown away by HOW cushioned they were and wished I’d had things that cushioned when I’ve hurt feet, legs, wrists… This Cushioned Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint is really “comfortable” because of the cushion. She said, and I agree, this splint reminds her of the foot splint she had for her break all those months, it’s that impressive. This one comes with instructions, which is a major plus, as it addresses the included wedge for aiding any adjustments you want to make. In this case, she believes it’ll be great for increasing the stretch she needs in order to help the foot adjust and lessen, then eliminate the Plantar Fasciitis she suffers. The others she’s used did not end up having the needed stretch in the end. This one will allow her to lengthen it and ideally, get her foot where it needs to be. The straps are great – comfortable and padded, with good, solid, well stitched velcro to keep it in place and secure. The wedge is made of a “hard” but comfortable material – it lets the foot rest with comfort and as the stretch develops, you move it first under for a longer stretch. It is recommend you give yourself at least 2 weeks to adjust – something we have both experienced when needing a Plantar Fasciitis night splint – and she fully feels that will be the case. She can only go so long as she gets used to it – perfectly normal. Then it can take time to get the stretch set. To that end, we cannot speak to how well this will work overall. But as of right now, the Cushioned Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint itself is really well designed and executed and feels right for my wife. I will come back once we know how it goes as far as helping her – but that will, again, be several weeks. If it lives up to what we have experienced so far, we feel it’s going to work out great. – Dr. Paul

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