Short Air Walking Boot- Foot and Toe Fractures, Injuries, Sprains, Swelling, Post-Surgery Healing

Short Air Walking Boot – for Foot and Toe Fractures, Injuries, Sprains, Swelling, Post-Surgery Healing

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SPEEDY INJURY HEALING – Want to shorten the healing time of your injured foot? This air cam boot delivers support and compression to your foot, speeding up fracture and sprain recovery.

RELIABLE FOOT COMPRESSION – The ortho boot is fitted with a super-sized air bladder that covers your foot all around. You may inflate or deflate the air bladder to suit your compression needs.

WEAR IT ALL DAY OR NIGHT – Regular braces are usually made of low-quality plastic that easily cracks. This ankle boot’s shell is made of lightweight, durable material that can withstand daily use.

ACCOMMODATES BANDAGES – This low top medical boot has an open toe design to maximize ventilation. Its wide foot bed provides ample space for swelling and bandages, ensuring a comfortable fit.

PROMOTES A NATURAL WALKING FORM – Move about and do your chores without feeling restricted by this fracture boot. Its rounded rocker bottom promotes a natural gait and minimizes walking discomfort.

HSA and FSA Eligible 

Keep your hurt foot supported and protected with the DMEforLess Low Top Air Walking Boot!

This ortho boot can help accelerate recovery of foot or toe fractures and tissue injuries. Its integrated air bladder adds a customized fit and may be inflated by pushing on the walker’s red bulb. To release the air, open the small cap and press on the small button.

Typical medical boots can feel too hard and uncomfortable around your foot when you try to move about. This cam walker’s midsole is designed to absorb shock while you walk. The rounded bottom promotes a natural stride, while the specially designed sole helps prevent slipping or sliding.

Having difficulty sleeping at night with your pained foot? This ankle boot keeps your foot in place all night, limiting its movement to protect against further damage. The frame is even designed to make foot elevation comfortable.



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14 reviews for Short Air Walking Boot – for Foot and Toe Fractures, Injuries, Sprains, Swelling, Post-Surgery Healing

  1. Euginia (verified owner)

    I have had a sprained ankle and broken foot bone for several months now. Walking boot is a way of life since at the moment I can wear running shoes for only 10-15 minutes a day. With rainy weather out there I ordered this boot so I can wear it at home only without bringing the dirt from the outdoors. I ordered small size. My normal shoe size id 6.5 and small boot is perfect for my size.

    Foot and ankle fit snuggly inside the boot and keeps them stable. Hard bottom of the shoe keep the balance in check and helps with walking. I can wear this boot and not worry about using the crutch. There is a button that allow you to pump air if you want more stability. I prefer to use the wrap around the foot instead. – Euginia

  2. Amanda M (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this walking boot. It is lightweight, affordable, and very supportive for an effective recovery. A huge plus was the easy to follow directions for proper use included in the packaging. – Amanda M

  3. Gina R (verified owner)

    I wear a women’s size 9-9.5 wide shoe and ordered the Medium and it fits great with some extra toe room. This covers your ankle and foot well and offers a lot of protection and is a walking boot – so it is heavy and thick which adds height to you, so you need to wear a shoe on the other foot to off set the big difference or you will strain other body parts and cause other injuries if used for any length of time. It is clompy (makes a lot of noise while walking) and without wearing a shoe on the other foot you have a major up/down limp, which you’d have with a walking cast for other heavy ankle boot.

    Easy enough to put on, with the one exception – pulling the wide hook and loop straps open – they stick very well. The pump up system is nice to help with swelling and to give more stability to your ankle and deeper padding. It takes awhile to get it pumped up to where you need it and you have to pay attention to circulation to be sure it’s not too tight and restricting blood flow. Mine seems to leak a little air over time. The release valve works easy enough, but the location put it right under the middle strap, so I have to be sure and keep the padding pulled up while tightening the straps. – Gina R

  4. Mike C (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my wife. She was in an accident and her foot was mangled. Her heel was reduced to mush. She has pain daily, some days are bad. I thought this might give her some relief on bad days. I put this on myself, pumped it up, and walked around. I was surprised at how easy it was to walk in this.
    It gave my foot and ankle great support. The air pump allows you to adjust the pressure and I think this is a great feature. – Mike C

  5. Acentos (verified owner)

    My father who has navicular changes and foot arthritis will have episodes of days off foot pain when he cannot walk and his doctor recommended a CAM boot to assist with the walking around the home and off loading pressure.

    This has worked great this week especially with the arthritis pain acting up due to colder weather. The cam boy is well made. It is thick and sturdy, and it’s nice and tight and can even be tighter if need be. He’s a size 9 and it works well. The boot is not too heavy either so you won’t have too much of a problem lifting/walking around. Also, technically you can use for left or right foot and there is not an issue to switch if need be. This is definitely worth the price tag.
    The one thing to keep in mind is that the shoe is over one inch off the ground so if you aren’t wearing shoes you’re going to walk funny as one foot is taller when wearing the boot. – Acentos

  6. Vince K (verified owner)

    This brace is of high quality. I like the air pressure and that you can moderate how much support you want/need and release if your foot/ankle starts to swell. As others have stated, it may cause some limping if you don’t have a shoe on the other foot. Reasonably priced and my doctor approved it for my severe arthritis due to a fracture several years ago. – Vince K

  7. Stefanie R (verified owner)

    After trying many different boots I am beyond grateful I finally found this one!! This boot is a much better quality then any of the others I have tried and is SO comfortable. Wonderful quality at an amazing price! Highly recommend giving this boot a try over any of the others available.- Stefanie R

  8. Judy K (verified owner)

    My dad has some foot pain. I work in health care and know what the going rate for this kind of medical equipment is if you let the doctors send you home with one. Insurance might cover some of the charge, but often people are left with a several hundred dollar bill and too many people don’t realize they can get the very same equipment on Amazon or somewhere else for so much less. It is the same equipment. It’s not necessarily lesser quality– often it’s higher quality, but it’s not different because you bought it on your own and not in the doctor’s office.

    Anyways, my suggestion is, if you can go home without a brace (assuming it’s not something immediately pressing), do so, and get one yourself. But, unless you have a room waiting for you with various medical equipment, it’s unlikely you will be able to do it. However, you can always refuse the item in the office and stop off at a drugstore to buy the closest thing you need and then do some shopping online when you get home.

    My dad recently had to have two toes removed due to diabetes (he’s not overweight by the way, and was always fit and athletic– diabetes can affect anyone). He can get around, it’s two of his toes, not all of them, and he is managing okay. However, he has slower healing and recently one of the sites became infected. Thankfully, my mom noticed his leg was red and swollen and he was sent to the hospital with cellulitis. They sent him home, but I wanted him to have a good quality boot that would protect him around the house. This one seems to be. He likes it and is wearing it regularly. He says it fits well, allows ventilation (really important to avoid extra moisture) and is really comfortable. He can elevate his foot with this, the lower height means less restriction and makes it easier for my mom to check his leg for redness, swelling, etc.

    He says it’s very padded and feels great on, even though he eschews medical equipment normally because he was healthy mostly his whole life. He doesn’t want to wear this out, but he can (it’s strong enough). Maybe he’ll change his mind about that.

    Great item. – Judy K

  9. Staci M (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, comfortable, rubber bottom
    I fractured my foot a couple weeks ago. Just a hairline fracture so it’s not that bad, but it still hurts. I was just given an orthopedic shoe from stat care, and it just wasn’t doing the task. My foot was in pain all the time walking around with just the orthopedic shoe on. Halloween was coming up, and i knew that i was going to need something better to walk around in, to not make my foot worse off.
    I decided to go with this, and i’m really glad that i did. This is really comfortable. It cradles your foot really nicely, and has a good deal of padding, so when you pull the sides in tight it’s not uncomfortable. There is also the air cast part of it. where you pump up the red button the front to push air around your foot to keep it stable and comfortable. There is also the fact that this has a Rubberized bottom on it, which is great. The orthopedic shoe i have is smooth on the bottom, and i’ve caught myself a few times slipping around on it. This shoe is great. It’s a tad heavy, but not uncomfortably so. This is a great option for anyone with a fractured foot. – Staci M

  10. Phil P (verified owner)

    Like wearing a cast, but can remove when you want; air bladder for compression.
    What I like about this walking boot:
    — when properly applied, this boot holds my foot still, and doesn’t allow me to move my foot up and down (it’s like wearing a cast; but, unlike the cast, I can remove this boot and put it back on when I want to).

    — the boot is curved at the bottom, so that as I am walking, there is less pressure on my foot

    — the air bladder gives me the option of adding compression on my foot/ankle if I had swelling in my foot (associated with a foot injury) and wanted assistance in getting the swelling down.

    — the 3 pads are great to give the top of my foot, the front of my ankle, and the front of my lower leg good cushioning against the 3 velcro straps that help to hold my foot in the walking boot.

    — the velcro straps are strong

    — the liner is removable. I can clean this as follows: “….hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Air dry only…”, according to the user guide that comes with this boot.

    One issue I have with this boot:
    — the liner is soft and comfortable on my foot while I tried this on. The liner has a velcro part at the top of the foot, and another velcro part near where the air bladder is located. But, when I put my foot & ankle in the boot, I found the top part of the liner (near the air bladder) is tough to velcro shut. Although the strap at this area is sufficient to hold the liner closed, I would have liked to close the liner tightly to secure it even more.

    Lastly, when wearing a walking boot, it will feel like you are walking unevenly, what with the boot being several inches taller than the other shoe. So, you can add an Evenup lifter to the shoe on the non-injured foot. Or, you can add heel lifts into the other shoe. This sort of levels you out as you are walking.

    Overall, If I had a foot injury that required a walking boot, I’d pick one like this, which has the additional feature of the air bladder to provide compression to promote faster healing. – Phil P

  11. Stefanie (verified owner)

    Beyond grateful I found this boot after trying so many others!! After trying many different boots I am beyond grateful I finally found this one!! This boot is a much better quality then any of the others I have tried and is SO comfortable. Wonderful quality at an amazing price! Highly recommend giving this boot a try over any of the others available. – Stefanie

  12. Amanda (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Very pleased with this walking boot. It is lightweight, affordable, and very supportive for an effective recovery. A huge plus was the easy to follow directions for proper use included in the packaging. – Amanda

  13. Susan (verified owner)

    This goes by shoe size.. and the inner layer can be washed in the sink! Ohmygosh!! Better than the one from the hospital! The difference in weight alone helps! With a shoe leveler it’s perfect! Easier, more comfort, and not as heavy! What a difference! – Susan

  14. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Amazing Customer Service! It arrived on time . Perfect fit . I was having a problem with air pump and called manufacturer number they had provided with my order . They called back right away and said a new boot was being sent to me immediately. Plus they added in for free a special sock to wear with boot to help with foot odor . Wow , the women I spoke with was so kind and helpful . I give boot quality 5 stars too . Thank you – Cheryl

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 13 in


Nursing an injured foot can hinder movement for weeks at a time.

It’s hard to move about and do your daily tasks if you are dealing with an injured foot. Whether you are dealing with a foot or toe fracture, the injury will make it difficult for you to do even the simplest tasks, such as standing up or walking around.

Without any form of support, it can take several weeks – or even months for serious injuries – before your foot completely recovers. Wearing this low top air cam walker.

Need more time to make a decision? Here are more reasons to love this cam walker:

  • May be worn on the left or right foot
  • Flared struts protect the calf from chafing or irritation
  • Heavy-duty adjustable hook-and-loop straps

Stay mobile while your foot heals.

Here are some other DMEforLess Medical Boot styles for you to choose from:

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