Short Boot Premium Kit for Broken Toes | Fracture Recovery

Premium Short Boot Kit for Broken Toe Fractures, Fracture Recovery

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This Short Boot Premium Kit includes everything needed to provide injury protection and pain relieving therapy as you recover. Perfect for Broken Toes, Foot Sprains, Fracture Recovery and more.  


AIR WALKING BOOT – This stable, comfortable medical boot will protect your foot, toe or ankle injury as you heal.  The built in air bladders are adjustable, allowing you to find your custom fit to help reduce your pain and swelling.

MEDICAL SOCK – designed to be long enough to cover your calf and block your skin from touching your boot liner, this sock keeps your boot fresh. Constructed with soft and breathable fabric, built with a special fiber bled that avoids wrinkling. Machine washable.

COLD or HOT THERAPY GEL PAD –  Ease your discomfort from Swelling, Sprains, Fractures and Pain with this reusable gel pad. Place it in the Microwave for hot therapy or the freezer for cold therapy.


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SPEEDY INJURY HEALING – Want to shorten the healing time of your injured foot? This air cam boot delivers support and compression to your foot, speeding up fracture and sprain recovery.

RELIABLE FOOT COMPRESSION – The ortho boot is fitted with a super-sized air bladder that covers your foot all around. You may inflate or deflate the air bladder to suit your compression needs.

WEAR IT ALL DAY OR NIGHT – Regular braces are usually made of low-quality plastic that easily cracks. This ankle boot’s shell is made of lightweight, durable material that can withstand daily use.

ACCOMMODATES BANDAGES – This low top medical boot has an open toe design to maximize ventilation. Its wide foot bed provides ample space for swelling and bandages, ensuring a comfortable fit.

PROMOTES A NATURAL WALKING FORM – Move about and do your chores without feeling restricted by this fracture boot. Its rounded rocker bottom promotes a natural gait and minimizes walking discomfort.

HSA and FSA Eligible 



RECOVER IN COMFORT – Keep your injured foot or leg on a steady road to recovery. This boot sock is made of a special blend of fibers that keeps your foot snug and comfy inside the CAM walker.

PROTECT AGAINST BLISTERS – The lining of your foot cast boot can constantly rub against your skin. This boot sock creates a soft barrier between the boot and your skin to prevent chafing and blisters.

KEEP BOOT LINING CLEAN – This sock absorbs sweat and prevents dead skin cells from sticking to your CAM walker’s inner lining. This will help keep your walker boot smelling fresh and clean.

FITS MOST FOOT SIZES – The sock is made in an extra long size to provide better foot and leg coverage. It fits men’s and women’s feet, and may be worn on either the left or right foot.



HELPS RELIEVE PAIN & SWELLING – Wear this gel pad inside your walker boot for even distribution of heat or cold. Use cold therapy to numb pain or use heat therapy to promote blood flow and relax muscles.

STAYS IN PLACE – Our walker boot gel pad stays put for long periods without sliding or bunching. You can simply wrap it on either side of the injured foot without worrying about constantly adjusting it.

COMFORTABLE UNIVERSAL FIT – This gel pad is specifically designed to fit inside the walker boots of both men and women. It easily conforms to the foot and leg, so you feel comfortable with it on.

PROVIDES EXCEPTIONAL SUPPORT – With excellent cushioning, this gel pad allows your lower leg to rest comfortably. It reduces any pressure on your injury, preventing the development of sores.

EASY TO USE – For heat therapy, simply submerge this gel pad for a few minutes in hot water. For cold therapy, chill it in the refrigerator. Do not place it in the microwave or freezer.

For more information on Hot or Cold Therapy, click on the link below.

http://Hot or Cold: Which Therapy Works Best?







Short Medical Boot Size Chart

Tips if you are in between Medical Boot Sizes.


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7 reviews for Premium Short Boot Kit for Broken Toe Fractures, Fracture Recovery

  1. Linda

    My husband went for his pre-surgery consultation and the doctor’s office gave him a boot and charged him $260 for it. After he returned home, we looked online and found this boot kit for way less. My husband called the doctor’s office that next morning and told them he was bringing back the boot they sold him and demanded they reimburse him since it hadn’t even been 24 hours since they sold him the boot and he had not worn it. They did as he requested. It’s now been 2 weeks since his surgery and this boot has worked wonderfully.

  2. JoLyn

    I wear ladies size 10 wide shoes, got the “large” and find it very comfortable. There is some extra space at the end of my toes, but I think it only serves to add more protection to my injury, it’s not so much that it’s tripping me.

  3. Charles

    Better than the one my doctor charged me $300 for!

  4. Fatima

    The company contacted me via email and asked if I was satisfied with their product. I told them about the air pump that stopped holding air. They immediately shipped me a replacement boot, no charge. It arrived today and is perfect. The boot works and their customer service rocks.

  5. Dawn

    I currently don’t have health insurance, so when I was given the prescription by my orthopedist for a medical boot, I knew that checking online would be my best bet. The pharmacy near me was asking $125 for a boot with none of the extras this kit offers. It adds stability to my foot, allowing me to comfortably bear some weight on it (the adjustable air pump is a nice feature too). I am in this this boot for 6 more weeks. I’ll update my review if anything changes. But so far, so good!

  6. Carol

    This is a very well made and study boot. I needed a medical boot to wear after foot surgery. My doctor’s office had them for sale, and insurance would have paid TOWARD the boot, I would have paid more than twice the cost of this boot, even with insurance coverage!!!

  7. Rosa

    This kit is awesome! I am able to ice my foot with the gel pad, which fits perfectly around my foot. The sock helps keep my boot cleaner that it would be without it.
    I like how the sock covers the entire lower leg, unlike my own normal socks would do. The liner of the boot dis pull out easily when it did need to handwasher it.
    Pump is fine after hand washing. The only think I would caution is that this boot velcro is VERY STRONG. So you need to pay attention reassembling the liner in the boot. I took a picture with my cell phone to help me reassemble.

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