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Short Broken Toe Walking Boot for Foot Injury and Recovery

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Having a tough time moving about while you recover from your ankle or foot injury?

Going about your day-to-day tasks while nursing an injured foot is next to impossible. As you try to walk around, your foot immediately causes extreme pain and discomfort–forcing you to get back in bed or lay back on your couch the whole day.

You can wear a foot brace to solve your mobility dilemmas, but most walker boots are made of flimsy material that easily become weak and brittle over time. If you want to stay mobile without adding more injury to your foot, wearing this foot brace can help.

Need more time to make up your mind? Here are more reasons why this foot brace is a must-have:

  • Ideal for minor foot injuries, stress fractures, and ulcers
  • Fits the left or right foot
  • Also available as a high top boot
  • May be worn while sleeping at night

Enjoy mobility even while your foot recovers from injury.

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DOCTOR RECOMMENDED & CLIINCALLY PROVEN – Clinically proven to effectively protect and stabilize foot injuries such as broken toes, metatarsal fracture, stress fracture, sprains and post bunion surgery. Commonly billed to insurance for sever hundred dollars, you save significant money when ordering from us without sacrificing quality.

DURABLE DESIGN & COMFORTABLE UPGRADES – Designed with the best materials in the industry to provide much-needed compression, support & stability.  The anatomically molded upright struts conform to your leg, providing comfort and stability where you need it the most. Inside the walker boot is a soft foam liner that provides additional cushioning while you walk. The rocker’s sole is designed to grip the floor surface, preventing you from slipping or skidding.

ADJUSTABLE & EASY TO USE – Constructed with premium materials to maximize compression and support. The VELCRO® straps are strong enough to hold your injured foot in place while walking. This CAM Boot is completely adjustable to conform to your perfect fit.

RECOVERY BOOT FOR MEN AND WOMEN – This walker boot features a wide foot-bed and an open-toe design to make room for swelling and bandages. Promoting a natural walking pattern with a rounded, arching rocker bottom that supports a smoother, energy-saving gait. Perform your day-to-day tasks while feeling stable and secure in the DMEforLess walking boot.


Choose support gear that puts your comfort and recovery first with the DMEforLess Short Medical Boot.

This short medical boot is beneficial for those who are recovering from foot or toe fractures, soft tissue injuries, or bunion surgery. It holds your foot firmly in place, limiting movement to prevent further damage.

Featuring a lightweight and sturdy frame, this walking brace allows you to move around without causing excessive pressure while recovering. The polymer-molded upright struts conform to your leg, providing comfort and stability where you need them the most.

Inside the walker boot is a soft foam liner for providing additional cushioning while you walk. The rocker’s sole is designed to grip the floor surface, preventing you from slipping or skidding.



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6 reviews for Short Broken Toe Walking Boot for Foot Injury and Recovery

  1. Elizabeth B

    More comfortable than my sneakers.
    When I first saw this, I took one look at it and thought “oh great, a necessary torture device but boy was I completely wrong!! This boot feels better than some of my name brand sneakers!! I mean, if I could get away with it, I’d wear a pair of these on the regular. I really can not believe how comfortable this boot is. I have plantar faciitis in both feet but its really bad in my left foot. At least it used to be. I got a great pair of sleep boots that have helped considerably but it still does flair up from time to time, like this evening, for example so I decided to give my boot a try and I love it!! I can not believe how much it helps alleviate the pain!!

    This is a two piece boot. You have the soft velcroed inner layer that you put in first. By the way, you can indeed wear this on either your left or right foot.. Once that’s secure you put your foot inside the hard outer shell and tighten the velcro straps. This boot also has two detachable velcro inserts already attached with an extra 3 included. One for either side of the leg just for a little extra padding. The sole of the boot is anti slip and nicely textured. It also has a sloped shape to it which allows for your foot to rock backwards to forwards as you take a step which does a wonderful job of relieving any high impact and to really just allow you a more natural gate when walking. The inside of the boot is very well cushioned so I can not imagine this causing any sort of real noticable impact as you walk. I mean, this boot feels absolutely wonderful to wear, as good and better than some of my name brand sneakers, as I said. It provides, amazing protection and support, while allowing you to walk with a much more normal gate than a soft boot would allow. I thought the weight would be an issue, considering it felt heavy in my hands but once I put it on, I didn’t even notice. All in all, I really am super impressed with this boot and would very highly recommend it. – Elizabeth B

  2. Emma Elizabeth

    I recently fell down stairs and broke my ankle, and the walking boot I was given in the ER was soooo heavy!! It kept falling off my foot it was so dang heavy!! This is much lighter and more comfortable. I haven’t been able to bear any weight yet so I can’t comment on how this works for walking, but I’ll update in a few months once I am able to try that. – Emma Elizabeth

  3. Michelle L

    Torn Achilles
    I have another boot but after 6 months of wear I needed another. I needed something I can afford to pay for out of pocket I kind of hesitated buying this due to previous reviews. . I love the color and the fact its shorter than the other boot I have to help me with mobility in my knees. The boot is very sturdy construction and was very comfortable in general. The only issue I had with it is that the interior of the boot was too tight . I read in other reviews that it was noisy, it does creak when you walk but overall comfortable and my other boot creaks as well. – Michelle L

  4. Amy L

    Hard durable outer shell and a soft interior that wraps around the foot. Has Velcro straps on the soft material. Foot fits inside the brace nicely and keeps the foot stabilized. Has good structure and feels comfortable on. Provides good support for the ankle and the foot- goes up past the calf. Would recommend if you’re looking for a quality boot for injuries. – Amy L

  5. J.T.

    It Works! Immobilizes my ankle very well. – J.T.

  6. Dr. T

    I read many reviews and was torn between ordering a small or an extra small, given the fact that I didn’t want a lot of extra plastic in front of my toes that might catch on things.
    My injury is a broken bone on my pinky toe side, so I was less concerned about ultimate big toe protection.
    I wear a 7.5 and ordered the XSMALL and it does fit and it does work, but is SLIGHTLY too small, as big toe barely sits over the plastic sole, but the inner lining does cover my whole foot and toes completely.
    For reference:
    Tip of big toe to middle of heel length is 9” exact.
    On boot: outside sole measures 9.25”.
    Inside of boot, from back heel portion to front is 9”.
    This seems like a perfect fit, but with the added inner lining, it becomes slightly smaller than perfect.

    Otherwise, I am very impressed with this boot. The major manufacturer of all these walking boots didn’t have any available for quick shipping, so I ordered this boot which arrived in 2 days. It seems pretty lightweight, plenty of padding, very well made with no weird rubbing spots or plastic that catches. Velcro is very strong. I was happy to discover that the tread is actually rubber and not hard plastic, so yay! More traction. I truly have no complaints. The size ordering was my own gamble, but again, this still works and I expect it will continue to work for the remaining month or so I need to heal. Thank you for the affordable, durable, comfortable boot that arrived as quick as possible! My little piggy thanks you!

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 13 in


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