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Thumb Spica Brace

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SUPPORTS THE THUMB – Caring for an aching or injured thumb? This thumb spica brace isolates the thumb while immobilizing the MP and CMC joints to reduce pain and speed up the healing of injury.

GO ON WITH YOUR DAILY TASKS – This thumb splint holds up your thumb in a fixed position while keeping the rest of your fingers free to move, allowing you to do light tasks at home or in the office.

ALWAYS A COMFORTABLE FIT – Some braces are either too tight or too loose. This spica thumb brace slips on easily and features a lace-up design that allows you to set the perfect splint tightness.

SUITS VARIOUS WRIST SIZES – This thumb splint is suitable for men and women, and is designed to fit different wrist circumferences.

IDEAL FOR VARIOUS THUMB INJURIES – Wearing this universal spica thumb splint is helpful for those who need relief from sprains, fractures, tendinitis, or soft tissue injuries to the thumb.

HSA and FSA Eligible 

Protect your thumb from further injury with the DMEforLess Thumb Splint.

By stabilizing your thumb joint, this spica splint helps minimize unnecessary movement and provides added protection against injury. It’s an ideal accessory for those who are recovering from thumb surgery or injury.

The brace features a contoured dorsal and palmar stay, which is malleable and removable to ensure a secure and slip-free fit on your hand. The tapered edge near the pinky, plus the cut-out between the thumb and the forefinger, allows comfortable and non-restrictive finger movements.

For added wrist and thumb cushioning, this brace has a soft foam liner. Its breathable and lightweight fabric will help prevent sweat buildup, keeping your wrist and hand dry even after hours of use during the day or night.



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6 reviews for Thumb Spica Brace

  1. Veronica R

    After years working as a housekeeper I found that my thumb was really hurting when I was using a vacuum. I bought this brace to use when I needed extra thumb support and it has helped so much. I can get through my day with much less pain and Advil. It does restrict your wrist movement, which was more than I needed. So if you need wrist and thumb support, this is the brace. If you just need the thumb support this will be more than you need. – Veronica R

  2. Martha R

    I have severe CMC deterioration with osteoarthritis. This is the best and most comfortable brace I have had. Just ordered a second one. – Martha R

  3. Rachel P

    I was diagnosed with De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. This brace leaves my fingers and upper hand completely functional so I have free use of the fingers that are NOT affected by my condition. My thumb has amazing support from the metal rods ( I can’t even feel the rods). The cotton piece attached to the brace literally feels like it’s in a comfortable cloud. – Rachel P

  4. Kylie J

    This brace is exactly like the one I spent more than $200 for at the doctor’s office. I mean it is identical! My insurance didn’t pay for either of them, so you can imagine how happy I was to find this product. It is comfortable and does the job it was made to do. – Kylie J

  5. Mira V

    SO COMFY! I bought this splint and it has been a incredible. The brace I got from the doctor caused blisters from friction. I had to put several Band-Aids on to both heal the blisters and prevent them. I knew I wouldn’t be able to tolerate that very long. Then I found this. What a relief! – Mira V

  6. Josh P

    Same product my doctor wanted $250 for! So happy I found this one instead. – Josh P

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