Air Gel Ankle Stirrup Brace | or Injury, Post-Surgery, Swelling, Sprain Recovery

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Product Features

  • Gel pads provide cold therapy to reduce pain and swelling

  • Sturdy plastic outer shell molded to the contours of your ankle

  • Adjustable heel pad to accommodate a wide variety of foot widhs

  • Air bladders offer compression and protects against ankle inversion/eversion

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  • Ankle swelling
  • Ankle Pain
  • Instability of the joint
  • Loss of motion
  • Ankle injury and recovery
  • Acute ankle injuries
  • Chronic instability
  • Post-operative use
  • Ankle sprains

Product Description


DMEforLess Air Gel Ankle Brace is a medically prescribed device commonly used after ankle sprains, swelling and chronic instabilities.  This product is universal.  One size fits the right or left leg and the width is adjustable.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight0.9 lbs
Dimensions2.1 × 10.7 × 4.3 in


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Product Questions

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Can I wear the heavy duty brace with socks?



Yes. We recommend wearing a sock and placing the ankle brace over the sock.


Is this brace latex free?



Yes. This brace is latex free.


Can I wear this brace in shoes?



Yes. It is advised that you wear your ankle brace inside a sneaker for added support.

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1 review for Air Gel Ankle Stirrup Brace | or Injury, Post-Surgery, Swelling, Sprain Recovery

  1. Diane S

    A good idea that didn’t quite work for me. I’m a survivor of childhood polio with a weak ankle. I have a regular brace, but it is bulky and uncomfortable to walk in for long periods. So I thought I’d try this hard-sided brace as a more comfortable option. Unfortunately, the main thing that makes it comfortable ensured that it wouldn’t work for me. The sides are rigid plastic with padding inside, and that’s fine, but the bottom is just a wide strap that fits under the heel. Therefore the brace isn’t as strong as it would be with a hard plastic sole like my regular one. So it didn’t work for me, but it probably would for someone who’s trying to support a mildly sprained ankle. The Velcro straps ensure that it fits snugly. It’s work a try. Easy to put on and remove. – Diane S

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Give your ankle the support and protection it needs with the DMEforLess Air Gel Ankle Stirrup Brace

This ankle brace is ideal for those who are dealing with a weak or injured ankle. It is designed to help prevent your ankle from rolling sideways while you walk or play sports – while still allowing normal dorsi/plantar flexion so you get to enjoy normal mobility.


RELIABLE ANKLE SUPPORT – Worried about walking with your weak or injured ankle? This stirrup pad is designed to provide much-needed support and stability to your aching or swollen ankle.

STAY ACTIVE & MOBILE – Continue doing your day-to-day tasks even with your injured ankle. Wearing this ankle brace will keep you mobile while protecting against unnecessary ankle rotation.

FASTER INJURY HEALING – By preventing unnecessary ankle movements, this stirrup brace can help speed up the healing of sprains, strains, sports-related injuries, or post-surgery swelling.

EVEN COMPRESSION & RELIEF – The brace’s upper chamber features air bladders that evenly distribute pressure. The lower chamber’s gel bladders may be frozen to help deliver cooling relief.

EASY TO WEAR – Forget about complicated wraps that take forever to wear and remove. This ankle support brace is fitted with adjustable hook-and-loop attachments that ensure quick wearing and removal.

HSA and FSA Eligible 


  • DMEforLess Ankel Brace with Air/Gel Pads



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