Relief Kit – Boot, Sock, Gel Pad for Foot, Ankle, Toe Injuries

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Product Features

RELIEF KIT – Includes a medical grade air boot, ergonomically designed gel pad for warm or cold therapy and a soft, breathable boot sock to help keep your brace clean throughout your recovery.

STAY MOBILE – Move about and do your chores without feeling restricted.  This walker boot features a rounded rocker bottom that promotes a natural gait and minimizes walking discomfort.

SPEED UP YOUR HEALING – Want to shorten the healing time of your injured foot? The extra-large air bladders in this boot cradle your foot and ankle.  Delivering support and compression to your foot, speeding up fracture and sprain recovery.

GEL PAD HELPS RELIEVE PAIN & SWELLING – Wear this gel pad inside your walker boot for even distribution of heat or cold therapy. Use cold therapy to numb pain or use heat therapy to promote blood flow and relax muscles.

WEAR IT ALL DAY OR NIGHT – Regular braces are usually made of low-quality plastic that easily cracks. This ankle boot’s shell is made of lightweight, durable material that can withstand daily use.

ACCOMMODATES BANDAGES This boot has an open toe design to maximize ventilation. Its wide foot bed provides ample space for swelling and bandages, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Product Description


When it comes to foot, toe or ankle injuries, doctors often prescribe a walking boot for good reason.  A medical walking boot protects your injury and allows you to stay mobile as you heal.

Many doctors also prescribe daily hot or cold therapy to speed up your healing time.  However following the doctors orders is easier said than done.  Taking time to sit and apply a hot or cold compress on the affected area is difficult to fit into your busy schedule.  To make matters worse, you often need to wear a boot 4-6 weeks, in which time your boot liner absorbs sweat and dead skin cells, making you boot dirty and smelly.  The DMEforLess Relief Kit is designed to help!

Included in your kit:

AIR WALKING BOOT – to protect your injury and allow you to stay mobile.  The boots air bladders are adjustable, allowing you to find your custom fit.  Also, the air bladders can be inflated or deflated to accommodate your swelling patterns.

HOT/COLD GEL PAD – this reusable gel pad is shaped to fit comfortable into your boot. Providing hot or cold therapy while wearing your boot and staying mobile.  Place the gel pad in the microwave for warm therapy or in the freezer for cold therapy.

MEDICAL BOOT SOCK – designed to be long enough to cover your calf and block your skin from touching your boot liner, this sock keeps your boot fresh. Constructed with soft and breathable fabric, built with a special fiber bled that avoids wrinkling. Machine washable.

HSA and FSA Eligible

Get quick pain relief from your foot or ankle injury with the DMEforLess Relief Kit!

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Relief Kit – Boot, Sock, Gel Pad for Foot, Ankle, Toe Injuries

  1. Sky

    My father who has navicular changes and foot arthritis will have episodes of days off foot pain when he cannot walk and his doctor recommended a CAM boot to assist with the walking around the home and off loading pressure.

    This has worked great this week especially with the arthritis pain acting up due to colder weather. The cam boy is well made. It is thick and sturdy, and it’s nice and tight and can even be tighter if need be. He’s a size 9 and it works well. The boot is not too heavy either so you won’t have too much of a problem lifting/walking around. Also, technically you can use for left or right foot and there is not an issue to switch if need be. This is definitely worth the price tag.
    The one thing to keep in mind is that the shoe is over one inch off the ground so if you aren’t wearing shoes you’re going to walk funny as one foot is taller when wearing the boot. – Sky

  2. Stacia

    I fractured my foot a couple weeks ago. Just a hairline fracture so it’s not that bad, but it still hurts. I was just given an orthopedic shoe from stat care, and it just wasn’t doing the task. My foot was in pain all the time walking around with just the orthopedic shoe on. Halloween was coming up, and i knew that i was going to need something better to walk around in, to not make my foot worse off.
    I decided to go with this, and i’m really glad that i did. This is really comfortable. It cradles your foot really nicely, and has a good deal of padding, so when you pull the sides in tight it’s not uncomfortable. There is also the air cast part of it. where you pump up the red button the front to push air around your foot to keep it stable and comfortable. There is also the fact that this has a Rubberized bottom on it, which is great. The orthopedic shoe i have is smooth on the bottom, and i’ve caught myself a few times slipping around on it. This shoe is great. It’s a tad heavy, but not uncomfortably so. This is a great option for anyone with a fractured foot. – Stacia

  3. Willow

    My foot dr specifically recommended this boot when i sprained my ankle. Fortunately, mri results showed no tears or fractures so i ended up not needing; however, it is very well made. Need a lift though on good foot in order to balance properly. Delivered promptly, great seller. – Willow

  4. Net J

    This brace is of high quality. I like the air pressure and that you can moderate how much support you want/need and release if your foot/ankle starts to swell. As others have stated, it may cause some limping if you don’t have a shoe on the other foot. Reasonably priced and my doctor approved it for my severe arthritis due to a fracture several years ago. – Net J

  5. FJ

    Great Value! The price compared to local medical supply stores is amazing. Comparable boot in local store was $175 and did not include a gel pad ad sock. – FJ

  6. Guz

    “Low Top Air Walking Boot, medium” is a well-made foot & ankle brace.

    What I liked:
    – It’s made very durable. Plastic is thick. Velcros are powerful.
    – It comes with three pads which you can insert where too much gap is.
    – The air pump works nicely. When pumped, the boots holds ankle firmly but gently and prevent it from moving around.
    – Medium size fit my Men’s 9.5 foot perfectly.

    What can be improved.
    – Getting a foot in and out was a bit difficult due to the top velcro being not easily detachable.

    Overall, this is a good, effective foot & ankle brace. – Guz

  7. Linda

    Oh my gosh!! Better boot than the one from the hospital! The difference in weight alone helps! With a shoe leveler it’s perfect! Easier, more comfort, and not as heavy! I love the gel pad and sock. What a difference! – Linda

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