Boxer Fracture Splint – customizable brace, ulnar gutter, metacarpal injuries, boxer brace, double finger splint

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Product Features

STURDY PROTECTIVE SUPPORT – positions your metacarpal joint at 75° of flexion while still allowing your index finger and thumb to perform minor tasks throughout healing process.  Rigid, yet lightweight shell lined with cushioned foam for immobilization and protection of fracture and surrounding joints.

AVAILABLE IN SHORT OR LONG VERSIONS – use the long version when additional wrist immobilization is desired.  Please be certain to check sizing for your proper size.

ADJUSTABLE- medical grade fasteners straps allow for quick and easy adjusting.  You can easily customize this brace by warming with a hair dryer.  

INDICATIONS AND USAGE: suggested for uncomplicated fourth and fifth metacarpal fractures, including Boxer’s fracture. For more complex fractures, use for support once the fracture has partially healed and some stability has been regained.  If unsure, please consult a medical professional.

FSA and HSA eligible

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Boxer Fracture Splint – customizable brace, ulnar gutter, metacarpal injuries, boxer brace, double finger splint

  1. JJ

    Did the job protecting my fingers, but it is very rigid. – JJ

  2. Robert J

    I have trigger finger in my pinky and this gave it the rest I needed to heal. I can’t afford to go to the doctor now, so this brace is helping me in the meantime with the wear and tear on the tendons. – Robert J

  3. Mathew R

    I was given a thumb splint for my broken ring finger. worked great, comfortable and effective. But it isn’t breathable. – Mathew R

  4. Brook I

    Not awesome but much better than wearing a cast. – Brook I

  5. Rowan A

    Easy to take on and off. Kept my injury protected. – Rowan A

  6. Annette

    Given the options, this is better than a cast because you can take it off and clean your hand, but still not sun to wear. – Annette

  7. Juan

    Unfortunately my hand was to swollen to fit into this brace – Juan

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Designed to support and protect | Metacarpal Injuries | Boxer’s Fracture



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