Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint – Foot Brace for Tendonitis, Heel Spur, Arch Pain, Achilles Tendon & Calf Stretching Sleep Aid – Doctor Approved

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Product Features

GENTLY EXTENDS YOUR FOOT  This night splint for men and women is designed to keep your foot properly stretched all night, greatly reducing pain, discomfort and pressure on the affected area.

LESS FOOT PAIN IN THE MORNING  Constantly dealing with pain after taking your first few steps upon waking? This foot boot brace helps provide long-term relief from plantar fasciitis symptoms.

SNUG & COMFORTABLE FIT  Keep your foot comfortable all night. This night splint’s inner lining features open cell foam and soft nylon. Its breathable fabric also ensures excellent ventilation.

IDEAL FOR PHYSICALLY ACTIVE PEOPLE – Do you spend most of the day walking, running or standing? This plantar night splint helps relax and relieve your tired foot at the end of the day.

BUILT TO LAST – Made of medical-grade plastic, this night splint is ready for daily use. Its hard shell protects your foot from impact while ensuring correct foot positioning while you sleep.

Product Description


Free your foot from discomfort with the TLC Medical Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint.

Lightweight, durable, and breathable, this foot brace is all about helping you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and pain-free. It features adjustable dual-tension dorsiflexion straps that stretch the bottom of your foot, relieving tension and pressure caused by plantar fasciitis.

To keep your foot from sliding out of place while you sleep, this night splint is fitted with 3 wide straps with buckle fasteners. The brace also comes with a removable foam wedge that easily slips under your foot for added elevation.

The splint’s treaded bottom helps prevent slipping if you need to get out of bed during the night. However, we do not recommend using it while walking.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12 × 5.5 × 6 in

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Designed to support and protect:

Foot Pain | Soreness | Swelling

Best for:

Plantar Fasciitis | Tendonitis | Heel Spur | Arch Pain | Achilles Tendon & Calf Stretching Sleep Aid

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain.

Are you constantly feeling sharp pain on your foot every time you get up in the morning? You might be dealing with plantar fasciitis, which strains the connective tissue running from the front of your foot to your heel.  If you want to enjoy real relief from plantar fasciitis symptoms, wearing this doctor prescribed, durable and comfy night splint is the solution.

Here are more reasons to love this night splint:

  • Uses medical-grade hook-and-loop attachments
  • May be worn on the left or right foot
  • Latex-free material
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Breathable foam helps prevent itching and skin irritation


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