Medical Lower Back Support Brace – with Adjustable Pulley Compression System – Soothe Muscle Strain, Sprain, Lower Back Pain

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Product Features

COMFORTABLE LOWER BACK SUPPORT – Designed to stabilize your back and help maintain proper posture, our lower lumbar back brace is perfect for recovering athletes or people with chronic back pain.

SOOTHE ACHES & PAINS – This lumbar support brace is a smart, convenient way to relieve lower back pain and stay active. Use it to make sprains, strains, and pulled muscles easier to deal with.

EASILY ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION – The intuitive pulley system allows users to adjust the back belt’s level of compression on demand. Set it to your preferred level of pressure with just a few tugs.

LOW PROFILE DESIGN – Thanks to its slim and discreet construction, our lumbar back support brace can comfortably be worn under your clothes. Bring it with you to work or wear it while driving a car.



Product Description


Soothe your aching back with the help of the  DMEforLess Lower Back Support Brace

Our lumbar support brace is a convenient way to take some of the stress off your back muscles and spine. It’s the perfect support for injured athletes in the midst of their recovery, seniors with weaker spinal discs, or people who have physical jobs such as warehouse workers and manual laborers.

This compression belt delivers targeted pressure to the abdominal cavity, which in turn helps lift and relieve pressure on the spine. As a result, it is much easier to maintain proper back posture, and you benefit from improved stability while soothing lower back pain.

We have designed this product to be as user-friendly as possible. The pulley system makes the compression easily adjustable. Designed with a low-profile design, this brace allows you to wear it under your clothes. You can use it to support your back while driving, working, or even just watching the TV.

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