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Product Features

EXCELLENT FOOT PROTECTION – Our toddler cast shoe is designed to provide support and comfort to foot and toe after surgery or traumatic event.

ADJUSTABLE STRAPS – Our orthopedic post op shoe has adjustable straps to accommodate post-surgical bulk , bandage, and swelling.

BUMP MINIMIZING EFFECT – This post op surgical shoe has a square toe design to minimize bump effect. It acts as a bumper to maximize forefoot and toe protection.

REMOVABLE INSOLE – Our post foot surgery shoes contain removable insole to allow application of pressure-relieving insoles and arch supports.

SHAPED AND PADED HEEL – This post surgical foot has a shaped and padded heel to help minimizing foot migration.



Size Chart & Fit Help

One Size

7.5″  Foot Bed

Fits the Right or Left Foot

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1 review for Pediatric Post Op Shoe | Shoe for Broken Toe | Broken Toe Sandal | Pediatric Cast Shoe

  1. Kris F

    My 5 yr old broke her toe and this shoe has helped so much. It is a good quality is holding up well. The straps are long so you need to trim them to size, which I like because we had enough room to accommodate the bandage. – Kris F

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Additional information

Additional information

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Our medical walking shoe is an excellent option for those looking for a post op shoe to help with recovery by providing safety and comfort!

It adjustable straps make our post surgical shoe easy to wear and suitable for different foot sizes and conditions. You will be able to adjust it according to swelling and bandage usage. Moreover, it will bring you safety due to its padded heel that will minimize foot migration, and in fact, increase safety. It also acts as bumper to maximize foot and toe protection, bringing again, more safety while wearing it.

Besides safety, it also provides great comfort to your foot and toe. Our pro care post op shoe has a rocker-bottom sole with traction tread to provide comfort and safety.


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